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12 July 2012

this morning i missed my bus to work. frustrated with myself for not getting out the door earlier, and aware that the next bus on the same route would get me to work 25 minutes late, i text my boss letting him know i'd be late getting to the park. as i sent the text, i noticed another bus on a route i'd never taken, but with a destination only a few blocks from work. impulsively, i hopped on, hoping it would get me there quicker.

it did not, in fact, get me there quicker.

however, there was a man on the bus totally and utterly rocking out on the accordion. of all things. and the accordion was plastered with sparkly stickers. how radtacular is that!?

i happen to love the accordion, and for the majority of the ride i was the only person on the bus. it was like i was on some sort of mobile live music experience, for an audience of one. well, two if you count the bus driver.

i was still late for work, but i most definitely turned up smiling. it was a delightful little reminder that when life doesn't go to plan, 'sometimes what happens instead is the good stuff.'

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