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31 December 2013

photo courtesy of unsplash
isn't the internet awesome? i've found a few gems lately - check em' out!

- looking for images for your blog or business? unsplash sends 10 photos every 10 days, and death to the stock photo sends you a bundle every month - free to use for any purpose.

- these refreshing money truths were a great reminder to kick a 'scarcity mentality' 

parenting wisdom that, i'd say, is relevant to any intimate relationship...

- thought provoking series of street art that confronts street harassment of women

- i just discovered this website, which is an absolute gold mine of insights on making creative projects come to life - added to my rss feed, pronto.

new zealand
in 15 days, we're going to new zealand! (yup, 'we' - the gentleman caller is coming too!) i can't freaking wait to see all of my amazing kiwi friends and whanau, and i can't wait to show off the beautiful country that stole my heart. also... i can't wait to have a holiday - corporate christmas party season was chaos, and as soon as i had more than one consecutive day off, my body informed me of it's distaste for my lack of rest, and i have been sick ever since. ugh. now to just power through two more work weeks, and we'll be off!

to get amped for our trip, we've been watching the lord of the rings trilogy - can you believe that i've never seen them before?! i've also been reading and watching a bunch of new zealand-related things, here are some of my faves: 

this video has me amped on what a remarkable little nation nz really is...

listening to stories and looking at photos of a street that was entrenched in my heart during my years in chch...

for those of you who are new around here, i have a big, squishy spot in my heart for the skate industry and community... though you probably don't come here for skate-related links, here are a couple that any creative mind will enjoy:

- inspired by this video, featuring a few friends of mine, this artist created sculptures made to be skated - and that's exactly what my pal, scotty, did!

- i just watched this short documentary - it touches on all of my favourite things about skateboarding: creativity, community created simply by a common love of skateboarding, collaborative building, contagious passion that draws new people into the community, and accessibility... to name a few

those should keep ya busy for a while.... what gems have you guys found on the internet lately? post me some links in the comments! 

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