goodbye 2013.

31 December 2013

All over the internet, there are lists and best-of's and photo summaries... unsure of how to encapsulate all of 2013's changes and lessons,  i narrowed it down to four themes. read on, and as always, thanks for being part of the journey. 

i started 2013 with abouuuuut zero hope for the future. okay, correction: hope was in the red. i spent the first few months(?)... third(?)... half (?) of the year stumbling through dark days, and trying to make sense of what felt like a winter that would never end. i credit amazing friends, a lifeline book, and the sun continuing to rise each morning for getting me through. moving into my sweet home with an even sweeter friend definitely was a turning point too.

one of the biggest joys of this year has been becoming more confident and comfortable behind the flashing lights and speakers of my dj table. i absolutely love playing music, and nothing quite matches the way i feel when i've gone with a gut feeling, and played a track that elicits a jubilant cheer from the dance floor. that moment is priceless. i was touched and inspired by the live performances of some of my favourite performers this year - the glenn miller orchestra, rancid, macklemore, weezer and blink 182 were some of the highlights.

being in close proximity to my family has been a reason for ceaseless gratitude this year. the birth of my nephew, the marriage of my youngest brother, my mom's 50th birthday - there has been no shortage of milestones to celebrate! i also enjoy continual texts from both of my brothers filled with puns and memes... these are the little things i missed all of those years on the other side of the world, and i most certainly don't take them for granted now. 

swing dancing! writing! there have been some pretty cool new developments in my life this year, especially in the area of making a conscious effort to invest in some of my creative abilities. i'd forgotten how much i love writing, and how cathartic it can be. i also happened to find myself in an incredible new church family, which has been a source of much friendship and support. i reconnected with an old pal who i never knew i had so much in common with, and, um, next minute- i have an incredible boyfriend, who has had me smiling for months on end. i am so, so thankful.

 goodbye, 2013! i've learned a lot, but i'm ready for new horizons... 


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