in transit...

25 January 2014

waiting to board our first flight (edmonton to seattle)

since november, i have been counting down the days until january 14, when ryan and i were to board a plane for a three and a half week adventure in the little country that stole my heart on the other side of the world - new zealand. 

bidding a glad farewell to snowy landscapes...

for those of you who are new around here, i lived in christchurch,  new zealand from the time i was just twenty years old (2006) until april of 2012 (when i was 27). after a multitude of unexpected changes in my life, i headed back to canada to take a sabbatical and to be closer to my family. as i left christchurch in a season of uncertainty, i left a few boxes of my belongings in a friend's garage to be dealt with at a later date. this trip is, in fact, that later date. 

i am blessed and excited to travel with ryan - it will be an interesting but welcome change from years of solo travel. as this is ryan's first trip to new zealand, i want to show him the country's best - we'll be visiting some of the most dynamic landscapes on both the north and south islands. 

finishing the last lotr film, return of the king while in the air...

although i had lived in middle earth itself for over six years, until recently, i had never seen a single one of the lord of the rings or hobbit movies. passionate about film, ryan insisted that i get 'caught up', and watch the lotr trilogy. we did just that, and it got me so excited to explore new zealand again. 

stay posted for photos from our travel adventures! 

sunset at sea (seattle airport)

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