musical discovery: postmodern jukebox

24 March 2014

guys... GUYS.

today i discovered postmodern jukebox.

if you've been around here for a while, you'll know that i love old music, i love pop music, and i love covers. postmodern jukebox's latest release was a big band/swing cover of beyonce's drunk in love. YES. yes... yes.

other covers include a 50s doo-wop version of miley cyrus' we can't stop, a bluegrass blurred lines and numerous motown renditions of nickleback songs.

the curator of these clever re-thinkings is jazz pianist scott bradlee, a self-proclaimed 'devils advocate' for the artistic merit of pop songs, and king of the ragtime piano mashup.

here's my favourite postmodern jukebox video. don't let this be the only video you watch, though - hop on over to their youtube channel and find the mariachi version of avicii's wake me up or the 1930s version of weezer's hash pipe. pure. awesome. 

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